The Farm Store

In addition to our own eggs, we have a little bit of everything in our store. Here are some other products we carry, that make visiting worth the trip!

Pork from pigs raised at Chip-in Farm. All cuts are sold frozen. We have sausage, chorizo, chops, boston butt, ham steaks, and more!

Lamb from our sheep raised at Chip-in Farm. All of our lamb is sold frozen.

Beef from cows raised at Chip-in Farm. We have many different types of steaks, along with hamburg patties, and ground beef. All sold frozen.

Dom’s Meats from Malden, MA. In addition to Dom’s famous sausages, we carry a variety of marinated meats, including chicken breast, turkey tips, and steak tips. We also carry unmarinated boneless, skinless, chicken breast, and chicken cutlets.

Deano’s Pasta from Somerville, MA.  Choose from a wide variety of fresh pastas and sauces.

Capone Foods also from Somerville, MA.  Empanadas, pizza dough, lasagna dinner, and eggplant dinner are some meal choices we have on hand from Capone Foods

Captain Marden’s    We carry a wide variety of seafood dinners from Captain Marden’s, a Massachusetts seafood restaurant in Wellesley, Ma.

Centerville Pies    Make dinner easy with savory pies from Centerville. We carry Chicken, Buffalo Chicken, Sausage and Apple, Shepherd’s Pie, Sweet Potato Pie, each in either a small size or large size.

American Pie Company formerly Aristocrat Pie Company.  An old favorite of many Chip-in customers is back! Chicken pies with or without vegetables are an easy meal anytime.

Shaw Farm  Milk and ice cream locally produced in Dracut, MA at Shaw Farm.


Did you know we make fruit baskets to order? With a mixture of fruit, cookies, crackers, and other goodies, fruit baskets are made to order and make great gifts! Call to order yours today!

Hand Cream made with beeswax by beekeeper Birgit DeWeerd, is perfect for dry hands.

Freehand Cards – Original, hand drawn greeting cards by Betsi Mandrioli of West Concord.

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