In the spring and fall we sell bagged chicken manure fertilizer for $5.99 per bag. One bag covers around 100 square feet.

This is a very popular fertilizer and tends to sell quickly in the spring. The spring fertilizer is semi-composted and can be gardened right away. We keep the fertilizer covered and turn it so there are few to no weed seeds.

The fall fertilizer is not as composted. This fertilizer is good to put down in the fall so it has all winter to work it’s way into the soil.

We maintain a list of customers each spring and fall who reserve bags of manure. We call all customers on this list when the manure has been bagged and is ready for sale. After everyone on the list has been called, other customers can then buy the manure. If you would like to reserve bags of manure, please call us at 781-275-2545. There is no obligation to buy if you change your mind.

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